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Mini Guide Horses Are The Adorable New Superhero The World Needs

1. It’s been known for quite some time that mini horses are magical creatures.

2. Most of us at Buzzfeed can personally attest to that fact.

This is Mystic with our Managing Editorial Director, Summer, enjoying a lovely Valentines morning together.

3. They’re a whole lot more than adorable though: they can be trained to be seeing eye animals.

William Thomas Cain/Stringer

4. At first, dogs couldn’t even believe it: a seeing eye HORSE?!? They laughed like jerks.


5. But Seeing Eye or Guide horses are incredibly loving and can do all that a dog can do. Like help out on public transit…

Photograph by Erik S. Lesser

6. …and take sweet trips around the world.

7. Look at this guy walkin’ in the parking lot like a champ.

8. Just hanging out in a diner, probs digesting his mini pancakes.

9. Educated? Hell yes, they are.


10. They are absolutely fantastic listeners so they’re also great best friends.


11. This guy likes to make sure his owner washes her hands thoroughly.


12. Plane rides? Got this.

Photograph by Erik S. Lesser

13. They’re even trained to do a little Abbey Road* action.

William Thomas Cain/Stringer

*Well, helping their owner cross the street safely, which is probably more important.

14. Almost as good as the services they are able to give? Their mini shoes. Here are two of their options for both the casual, modern horse and the old fashion westerner.


15. Here’s to all the mini horse heros in the world!

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Rob Lowe on Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster: ‘Real life #WestWing episode’!/RobLowe/status/309534592870789120

Life imitates art?

It’s not a filibuster until Sam Seaborn, er, Rob Lowe weighs in.

Sam Seaborne —-> RT ‏@roblowe: There is a real life #WestWing episode being played out in D.C. tonight.

— Caroline Wren (@CarolineWren) March 7, 2013

@roblowe the scary thing is, I was quoting The Steakhouse Filibuster tonight to explain the rules to a friend. #westwing

— Chrissy Olinger (@oliewankanobe) March 7, 2013

@roblowe west wing is a bit less dramatic.That’s sad.

— Megan Gilliland (@MeganGilli) March 7, 2013

@roblowe the #filibuster really draws one in. This may be a real life Mr. Smith goes to Washington. #StandWithRand #5thAmendmentRights

— Andrew Bonds (@DukeBonds) March 7, 2013

@roblowe This is EPIC.CSPAN 2, should be required watching #standwithrand #WestWing

— MrsSpooky (@MrsSpooky) March 7, 2013

WW episodes usually had the president awake though. RT: @roblowe: There is a real life #WestWing episode being played out in D.C. tonight.

— Chris Ashton (@ChrisAshton) March 7, 2013


* * *

Worth noting here:

Rand > Stackhouse RT @twitchyteam: Rob Lowe on Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster: ‘Real life #WestWing episode’

— Assault Cooter (@CooterHolland) March 7, 2013


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The moment you realize….

Community Post: 21 Serene Wave GIFs To Help You Calm Down

The 5 Ways Your Boobs Change Throughout the Month

10 People Who Elevated Their Transportation Game

1. This dog who will yield when he feels like it, but thanks for asking!

2. The germaphobe that never heard of travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer.

Tim Stewart News / Via

3. This parallel princess who knows she and her bike are a perfect fit.

4. This not-so-lazy boy who didn’t want to choose between comfort and convenience.

5. And the homebody who took it one step further.

Clive Postlethwaite / Via

6. This bird who knows that just because he can’t fly, it doesn’t mean he can’t look fly.

7. The golf champ who’s sick of losing perfectly good golf balls to that stinking lake.

golfonlinestores / Via

8. This devoted father who felt so bad the one time he was late for dinner that he made sure it would never happen again.

Andy Willsheer / Via

9. This turtle whose motto is “Slow and steady wins… nothing hahaha!”

10. These gentlemen who know that the best safety feature is a good defense.

Tim Stewart News / Via

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Every Morning….

Buddy of mine calls me to tell me he just rolled his jeep through a telephone pole. I said pics or it didn’t happen. He sent me this.

The Fine Print For This 'Pretty Amazing' Contest For Girls Makes Me *Facepalm*

In March 2012, Seventeen magazine launched its second annual Pretty Amazing Contest which offers a $20,000 scholarship to girls who have done “pretty amazing” things like raising money for the National Eating Disorders Association. Sounds great, right? Nope. Check out the fine print.

No wonder the National Eating Disorders Association needs money. Jerks like the editors at Seventeen are telling girls being pretty is more valuable than their “pretty amazing” accomplishments.

Congrats to SPARK Summit and the #KeepItReal campaign for their recent victory in getting Seventeen to agree to stop altering the models in their magazine. Progress!

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Harry Styles Doesn't Deny Trying Out for Star Wars