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10 Outfits From London’s Most Astounding Men’s Fashion Show

1. This is the opening look from the Sibling show that walked in London Men’s Fashion Week.

This is what the label Sibling imagines men wearing in the fall of 2013. Isn’t it exciting?! Also, isn’t the sentiment of that top just PERFECT for the absurdity of the outfit? Would you not feel that way if you were seen so ridiculously attired? It’s just brilliant.

Also: say goodbye to oven mits! This look is your one stop shop for not burning your hands on anything.

2. The use of proportions and textures is just wonderful.

If you wanted to wear shorts and no coat in the winter and still be warm, this would probably do the trick.

BONUS: you can leave your murse at home because that scarf does seem to come with giant tote bag-sized pockets.

Sibling also offered options for those days you’re feeling a little sexy.

You don’t need to hide your wonderfully sculpted heavage all winter long — show off your fit figure with this body-con scoop-neck sweater.

3. And prints for days when you want to get extra funky.

Confuse people even more with this dizzying print.

4. The limits of knitwear were explored in extremes.

The trend of cut-outs also did not go ignored.

5. Leopard print was expertly incorporated.

Usually when people wear leopard print it overwhelms everything else they’re wearing, but that is not so here.

6. These shorts looked like shag-carpet-turned-sarong in every shade.

Don’t you think?

7. And the designer was even kind enough to make a jumpsuit for J. Lo’s boyfriend!

It seems unacceptable for her to not have “his and hers” catsuits at this point in their relationship.

8. And despite all the bulk, Sibling made sure no sexy, hair-free male model muscles went to waste.

9. The show ended on a dark note that prompted deep thought.

What is the designer commenting on? The “hell” to where fashion — men’s especially — so often seems to lead? The hell of not having enough black furry fabric leftover with which to craft the entirety of this model’s sleeves and shorts? Or is it meant to signify coming full circle, all the way from the opening look in the show that exclaimed “PLEASE KILL ME” to this?

The beauty of fashion, sometimes, is that there are no concrete answers to these questions. Or, well, most questions.

See the complete fall 2013 Sibling show on

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