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10 People Who Elevated Their Transportation Game

1. This dog who will yield when he feels like it, but thanks for asking!

2. The germaphobe that never heard of travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer.

Tim Stewart News / Via

3. This parallel princess who knows she and her bike are a perfect fit.

4. This not-so-lazy boy who didn’t want to choose between comfort and convenience.

5. And the homebody who took it one step further.

Clive Postlethwaite / Via

6. This bird who knows that just because he can’t fly, it doesn’t mean he can’t look fly.

7. The golf champ who’s sick of losing perfectly good golf balls to that stinking lake.

golfonlinestores / Via

8. This devoted father who felt so bad the one time he was late for dinner that he made sure it would never happen again.

Andy Willsheer / Via

9. This turtle whose motto is “Slow and steady wins… nothing hahaha!”

10. These gentlemen who know that the best safety feature is a good defense.

Tim Stewart News / Via

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