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11-Year-Old Child Prodigy Creates Stunningly Detailed Drawings Bursting With Life.


SneakyBoner says:

I want him to draw the derpy school photo guy

GoRetrograde says:

Literally just dropped my sandwich on the floor and still ate it.

Keleesi says:

That kid is a drawasaurus awesome.

thisismyusernameguys says:

I have a hard enough time drawing a straight light. Goddamn I feel so inadequate!

MrPredator says:

Step 1: Talent

IronstarGallifrey says:

And I can’t even draw a fucking stick figure.

DoctorJungyBrongen says:

WOW…….this kid is unbelievably talented. All I can give is my upvote and favorite. Insane. +1

TheKillerRabbitOfCaerbannog says:

If I had twice that much time I could probably make something a tenth as good

IAmAnElephant says:

I can draw circles with my trunk

RockItBoots says:

Another thing a kid is better than me…=(

JMoneyMills says:

I can draw stick figures and circles and stuff.

RonSamsonite says:

For god’s sake, someone get that kid some colored pencils.

IdKillForAGuinness says:

Must be shit for his mom to decide what does and what doesn’t make it on the fridge.

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

Well I can beat him at arm wrestling, and that’s all that matters.

notalurkeranymoresigh says:

I’m still working on my stick family.

Vicwood says:

Oh, but you have to colour it! – that annoying teacher

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