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15 Reasons Why Suzanne Somers Is The Coolest Human On Earth

1. First off, this woman is 67 years old


2. She’s been doing hottie with a body in her sleep for over 50 years

I mean—stop it.

3. On “Three’s Company” she helped pave the way for female comedic roles…

4. ….and she demanded to be paid the same as her male costars

Plus she can deliver a witty one-liner like nobody’s business

5. She and John Ritter were great friends.

They had their ups and downs, but they loved eachother.

“There’s Dick Van Dyke and John Ritter, the two greatest physical comics of our generation.”

6. She tackled the fashion trends of the decades with grace and style


7. She brought us the Thighmaster

The infomercials will live in our hearts forever.

8. She is all-knowing and wise

Suzanne Somers is the real gift, you guys.

9. “This is being a woman! It ain’t for sissies…”


10. A cancer survivor herself, she wrote a beautiful letter to Christina Applegate after her diagnosis

Us ladies have to stick together.

11. She gets busy more than you do

“I have sex ‘a couple times a day’ with my husband. ‘What is it about men at 4 in the morning?’” She and her husband are basically horny teenagers. You go girl.

12. She uses the 7 Dwarves to describe menopause: Itchy, Bitchy, Sleepy, Sweaty, Bloated, Forgetful and All Dried Up.

Let’s all pause for a moment and appreciate how clever this is.

13. She is an unstoppable writer, health advocate and entreprenuer

She’s a bestselling author, has her own cosmetics line, her own line of natural hormones, an artificial sweetener called Somersweet, an online weightloss plan called Sexy Forever…and more. I mean, I’m tired just from typing all of that.

14. She understands the power of a good snack

15. It’s offical: we’re in love

And you are, too.

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