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18 Layout Disasters From 2013 That Will Make You Wince

1. “But it looked fine on the screen!”

2. Ewan McGregor has a lot to answer for.

3. Drugs? Drums? Anyway it was a good night.

4. Nova Scotia’s Chronicle Herald was right to celebrate its own success. Or is it Chroinicle?

5. It was a good idea at the time.

6. We should stress that Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw has not been convicted of anything.

8. The UK’s criminal justice system has gone to the dogs.

9. So royal. Much voodoo.

10. We think they meant “hot shot”.

11. OK, this is from Twitter, but it says something profound about the importance of the Oxford comma.

12. Denise Van Outen was dragged into The Sun’s crusade against extending prisoners’ rights.

14. You have to feel for whoever sent in this ad.

15. Florida’s Sun Sentinel hedges its bets on those tricky Russian spellings.

16. Esquire’s website really did use the 9/11 “Falling Man” picture on a post from its Style blog.

They blamed a technical glitch and said sorry. The picture was supposed to accompany Tom Junod’s (very good) analysis of what that image means.

17. “Would you believe, they put a man on the man.”

18. Look to the furure. Furore. Frurue? Footure?

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