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25 Creatively Awesome Caricatures of Famous People

The key for any caricature artist is to distort and amplify various features of a person while still maintaining the recognizability of the original. Jason Seiler excels at doing just that. His caricatures have distinct flavor while also radiating his uniqueness. Take a look at his amazing work through our 25 creatively awesome caricatures of famous people.

25. Ben Wahhh

24. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

23. Tom Hanks

22. Osama Bin Laden

21. Michael Jackson

20. Leonardo DiCaprio

19. Donald Trump

18. Tiger Woods

17. George Lucas

16. Former President George W. Bush

15. Kim Jong Il

14. Johnny Depp

13. Bill Murray

12. Morgan Freeman

11. Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein

10. Michelle Obama

9. Pope Francis

8. Michael Douglas

7. Quentin Tarantino

6. Susan Boyle

5. George Clooney

4. Abraham Lincoln

3. Barack Obama

2. Mitt Romney

1. Larry King

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