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26 Annoying Things Latinos Are Tired Of Hearing

1. “You’re Latino, so you must speak Spanish.”

A 2012 Pew study showed 70% of Latinos are English dominant. That number continues to rise.

2. “So…are you an immigrant?”

A lot of Hispanic families have been here since the 1800s. Most Latinos are native-born Americans, and 74% are U.S. citizens.

3. But if you are an immigrant: “Are you here legally?”

Surprisingly, this is not OK to ask!

4. “You, like, LOVE to bathe your food in hot sauce, amirite?”

Yes, we are handed a chili pepper moments after exiting the womb.

5. “You only drink tequila, right, bro?”

Look, we get drunk on plenty more than tequila, which hails from Mexico. In Puerto Rico, maybe it’s rum, or wine in Argentina and Chile, etc.

6. “I read in an email chain that was forwarded to me that you all have your hand out to Uncle Sam.”


“When [government assistance] recipients identified themselves by race in 2010, 34 percent were white, 22 percent were black and 16 percent were Hispanic,” the Agriculture Department said.

7. “You’re all Democrats.”

Not the case, but we do want to be spoken to with respect and not pandered to, just like other humans!

8. “You’re Hispanic — that makes you a natural Republican/conservative.”

Hey, look at that quote — a little presumptuous, no? Maybe don’t lump a wide range of Latinos all across the U.S. into a neat category?

9. “You are just always late.”

Guys, everybody is late. You’re literally reading this making yourself late for something else.

10. “You basically only listen to mariachi or salsa.”


11. “You are DEFINITELY amazing dancers, though. Every single one of you.”

After listening to some mariachi, we all immediately go salsa dancing, except not at all.

12. “You must kick ass at soccer.”

This is the most popular sport in the world, folks. So it’s not just Latinos.

13. On the East Coast: “Oh, so you’re Puerto Rican?”

Everywhere else in the country: “You’re all Mexican, right?”

Perhaps this map of Latin America can help dispel these brain teasers.

14. “You’re Catholic, right?”

Franco Origlia / Getty Images News

The number of Catholic Latinos are actually declining, while evangelicals, unaffiliated, and Episcopalian are on the rise.

15. “Illegals are coming here JUST to have anchor babies!”

Maybe you read this in an email chain too? This is an offensive assumption, and also immigrants aren’t doing this! So there’s that.

16. “Latinos all look the same.”

AP Photo/ Matt Slocum

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Image

Vittorio Zunino/ Celotto Getty Images


Mind. Blown.

17. “You’re muy caliente and en fuego!”

According to science, Latinos do not have a higher body temperature than everyone else does.

18. “All men are über-macho Latin lovers.”

Hey, some of us are just normal, run-of-the-mill sexy guys.

19. “And all women look and act like her.”

Hey, some of us pack beauty (and brains). Shocker.

20. “Latinos don’t want to assimilate.”

Sort of covered this one, but it’s depressing, so again: Latinos primarily speak English and largely were born in the United States. But the bird is adorbs.

21. “Latinos don’t have American pride.”

Pete Souza, White House

Latinos are Americans — I know, it’s crazy. Born in the U.S. and everything. They may preserve some of their culture, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fiercely love this country.

22. “Don’t you all have, like, a million kids?”



23. “Latinos are just super lazy and don’t like to work.”

In 1879, The New York Times referred to Mexicans as “lazy,” but Rush Limbaugh sort of did too all the way back in January 2013. Stop it.

24. “Don’t you Latins all have hot-headed tempers?”

Everything is wrong with that sentence. This makes us angry but not any more than you would be if your culture was mostly seen through stereotypes.

25. “OK, but you definitely eat tacos every day, right?”

NO. And even if some of us do, they’re definitely not tacos that look like this.

26. “You grew up being threatened with a chancla.”

Well…only A LOT of us, all right?

“You all have overbearing moms.”

Real Women Have Curves

OK, maybe this one’s true. But it’s because they love us!

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