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26 DIY Hairstyles Fit For A Princess

1. The Crown of Knots

It’s an interesting alternative to the average braid. Read the tutorial here.

2. Flower-Woven Rapunzel Braids

Perfect for a flower girl. Get the directions here.

3. All-Over Wrapped Braided Hairdo

You’ll look so regal. Get the directions here.

4. The Side French Braid

A loose and pretty asymmetrical hairstyle. Get the directions here.

5. Messy Pinned-Back Waves

The key is in getting the perfect bohemian beach waves. Tutorial here.

6. The Half-Up Messy Bow

Tie one on. Directions here.

7. The Simple Crown Twist

Pretty self-explanatory, but get the full directions here.

8. Halo Braids

You will look positively ~AGLOW~. Get the directions here.

9. Rihanna’s Rapunzel Side Braid

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

This is the epic braid she wore to the 2011 Met Gala. Get the video tutorial here.

10. The Braided Nape

Watch the tutorial here.

11. The Side Knot

An elegant look for medium-length hair. Get the tutorial here.

12. The Lace-Through Braid

Find out create this subtly creative side ponytail here.

13. The Fabric Woven Bun

Sleek and easy. See the full tutorial here.

14. The Trio of Braids

There’s no tutorial for this, but you can achieve the same look by doing a small braid on the left side, two small braids on the right side, and weaving one of the rightside braids into the leftmost one. Then, loop the other right braid through the middle.

15. Belle’s Half-Up Bun

Get the tutorial here.

16. The Two-Strand Flat Twist

Watch the tutorial here.

17. The Celtic Knot

It looks complicated, but it’s so easy. Get the video directions here.

18. Hairband Half-Up Hairdo

Directions here.

19. Jasmine’s Hair

Watch the video tutorial here.

20. Draped Gold Chains Princess Hair

This simple look is achieved by bringing together two side braids, clasping different-sized gold chains into the braids, and draping them.

21. The Loose Twisted Halo Hairstyle

Full directions here.

22. Tucked-Under Hippie Twist Hairstyle

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

Get the directions for a similar hairstyle here.

23. Daenerys Targaryen-Inspired Braid

Get the tutorial here.

24. The Princess Mermaid Braid

25. Bohemian Rope Braids

No matter what you’re wearing, this hairstyle will most definitely make you look like a princess.

26. Soft Fairytale Hair

Get the look here.

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