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27 Of The Hardest Grocery Decisions Ever Made

1. Beer > Baby wipes

That’s why the labels are peel-able, right?

2. Toothpaste > Condoms

I guess this person was more into oral care than, well… ::: adjusts tie :::

3. Cognac > Lego’s

Booze is an acceptable gift for ages 5-12, right?

4. Frozen veggies > Coors

At 4/$5 this was a no-brainer.

5. Rice Krispies Treats > Condoms

At least the Rice Krispies Treats will last longer than five minutes. Hiyo!

6. Ruffles > Feminine pads

It’s that time of the month… Ruffles time!

7. School supplies > Smirnoff Ice

Her sorority sisters are gonna be pissed.

8. Sparkling wine > Underrated animated classics

What are they going to watch now? The ceiling spin?

9. Salad > Sandwich meat

Maybe they needed more fiber in their diet. We’ll never know.

10. Bacon > Cake and sushi

Was there really any debate?

11. Beer > Flowers

“I was going to apologize, but then I was like, nope.” — Whoever left these flowers.

12. Beer > Froot Loops

Somebody just found out that all the Froot Loops taste the same.

13. Snickers > Cabbage

That cabbage soup diet can wait until tomorrow. Tonight, we feast like kings!

14. Beer > Yogurt

Because beer.

15. Organic granola bars > Lubricant

What’s more arousing than a sensible snack made with wholesome, organic ingredients?

16. Chips > Condoms

“Who am I kidding? She’s never gonna call.” — The dude who left these than drowned his sorrows in saturated fats.

17. Cheese > Swedish Fish

It’s “cheese and crackers” not “Swedish Fish and crackers.” I mean, I guess you could eat Swedish Fish and crackers but then what’s next? Cats getting along with dogs? It would be pure anarchy!

18. Little Debbie > Lil Cuties

I’ve never noticed how wrong Little Debbie’s Little Muffins sounded until right now.

19. Little Debbie’s > 10 Minute workout system

I’m guessing this is the same person who gave up the Lil Cuties.

20. Beer > Chicken Wings

Ain’t no thang to leave behind the chicken wings!

21. Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit mix > Goth dolls

What little girl wouldn’t rather be surprised with cheesy, herby, goodness than a doll? No girl, that’s who.

22. Boxed wine > Potatoes

I’m not going to lie but I might have left those.

23. Diapers > Turkey hunting decoy

Somebody just got the text saying, “U think UR going with th boys this weeknd? Think again, buster!”

24. Diabetes Weight Loss Kit > Cookies

“Oh, yeah. That’s what all that insulin in the fridge is for.”

25. Ice Cream > Broccoli

I’m sure whoever left this broccoli had a good, long, three-second debate before trading it in for some Mint Chip.

26. Pregnancy test > Bananas

Contrary to the old wives tale, bananas are not a reliable way to find out if one is with child.

27. Bananas > Dildo

It’s probably because they don’t sell dildos in bunches at this store.

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