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35 Questions Americans Need To Answer Immediately

What’s the deal with Chinese food? 1. ℓιℓу @LilyyPearl

Why do Americans think hot dog eating contests are patriotic.

2. Sheila Jean Serra ♞ @mozZHEILA

Why do americans love chinese food? I mean in every series and movies i've watched, they're ordering it…

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Thinkstock 3. Best Facebook Posts! @BestFcbkPosts

Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?

4. Candle Flame @AngelinaLouise5

Why do Americans insist on putting z's in words instead of an s are they trying to be edgy or do they just love the letter z?

5. panda @HiyaItsSaira

why do Americans call biscuits cookies

6. . @fukdadddy

why do Americans have so many holidays and celebrations and shit

7. Ida @HeavenlyBlissDM

Why do Americans put cheese on EVERYTHING?

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Thinkstock 8. Taylor Gray @taylorgraay

why do americans hate on bagged milk

9. Rachel Waring @rachelxwaring

Why do Americans celebrate every single holiday by drinking till they pass out #itsnotcool

10. paulien @45harry

why do americans say 'guys' so much

11. //nadia//25 @softboylouis

why do Americans always bring up the Boston Tea Party during the Fourth of July like its so irrelevant i don't understand

12. jovontae @yungkiddough

why can't Americans pronounce “aluminium”?

13. izzy whitesides @saucycam

Why do Americans like mac n cheese so much????

14. Destiny Wesley @DestinyWesley

why do americans always go out just to get some yogurt? its weird

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Thinkstock 15. Nya @daleyknews

Why must Americans put bacon on everything

16. Jack @jckboyce

Why do americans always have to go and take the 'u' out of words. My favoUrite coloUr is green.

17. Fi Caryl @ficaryl


18. ~mara☹☪ @punkalecki

why do americans have to words for the same thing??? flannel? plaid?

19. lawn gnome princess @_helloCheriJean

Why can't Americans say cheese toastie it's so much cooler than grilled cheese. Fuck this place man.

20. SeanT @seant666

Why can't Americans say 'Jaguar' properly ? Jagwaar ?

21. // frase // @frase1975_

why do americans eat so much avocado? i don't think i've ever even seen one in real life

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Thinkstock 22. Meeko Kittika @meekoblue

Why do Americans have to invent silly words for things that already do? Like SAMMICH for SANDWICH? And wtf is S'MORES supposed to be?!

23. isob @i50b3l

why do americans not know what grams are like why do they only measure in cups wtf is that

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