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50 Cent Says Steve Stoute is Getting Closer to a Ass Whipping!!


Drect Williams says:

good shit – keep making the vids

andrew b says:

diddy, jay, now 50 will put hands on this nigga. hes clearly a doucebag
that runs his mouth and cant back it up 

Rick Hill says:

Man fuck 50 cent. Most overrated rapper all time

jimmy black says:

5O is the king of tight ass shirts and pants, so since when is pulling PR
stunts masculine, and what is masuline about calling another man masculine?

amir mahdavi says:

50 is ungrateful and emotional. STEVE IS MAKING FACTS 5th…U ASKING NOT BE

datphatkid says:

I agree with Andrew

Fatima camara says:

50 be having the best interviews lol even when he be wrong sometimes I
fuxkz with 50 even though its a new day I do miss the aggressive nature in
hip hop When cassidy dissed Meek millz after he disrespected him he was
called a “Hater” or “irrelevant” thats is crazy. 50 went too far though
with a lot of things and it back fired on him Rick ross ended him by having
support of fans and 50’s enemies

Mario Garcia says:

Omg the double standards. Fif can’t do no right in anybody eye. Sucks that
this man can’t get his just do. That’s the unfortunate thing.

askchrishetrades says:

Great videos man and I like how you break it down. I”m a hip hop enthusiast
and enjoy the vids. You also speak clearly and I can tell you are clearly
educated and breakdown the news real good. Keep it up boss and if you are
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blachubear says:

That’s why 50 is in the position he’s in now. Dre, Shady & Jimmy Iovine got
tired of that shit. It worked for 50 back in 2003-2005 but rap fans also
got tired of 50 Incognito bullshit. Lots of money but no friends.

Durant Robinson says:

Steve stoute a hater. If you did such things why brag about it. Gtfoh.
Fifty shoulda punch sparks out his head.

Mario Stover says:

@Akademiks my nigga u gotta talk about 50cents new Tracks Pilot & Don’t
worry bout it..those shits are hits 4real..That Nigga Back

devon white says:

look it up if u think am lieing but that dude Steve Stoute was all on the
radio talking shit about 50 that’s why he got on him

lafrikone says:


E Leo says:

I hope curtis whoops him

Lord Hades says:

Nah, 50 owes nothing to no one, his way of being hasn’t got shit to do with
who signed you, so what did guy had him his first record. Thanks very much,
now what he’s going to be your boy? You made him? What the fuck you want
Steve? Him kiss your ass? The dude began bringing up his 9 shots in that
interview, if that wasn’t the beginning of a beef, then that was certainly
a way to ensure it. What, he needs to make another ground breaking album,
or that he’s going to look straight at you…..

50 just went out to him directly, he does that a lot it seems, and no one
does that shit anymore, you guys should be appreciating that his still got
the attitude to diss you directly, an he won’t back down. Not like this
clowns in the game now…. 50 is what, fucking rich? Or super fucking rich?
But he still acts like a true soldier in the game, making enemies, sure,
hitting labels and charts? Nah, but still acts like when he has something
to do, he does it. That’s not ungrateful or anything, maybe he is a bit
disrespectful at times but he earned his respect.

BTSdivision says:

LOL Damn. 

Fou Sucking Yuck says:

Fuck Charlamagne da COON!

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