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50 Cent Suggests Steve Stoute, Diddy & Rick Ross Are Gay On Instagram


Brian Hillyard says:

50 is gay tho smh

GoodkidM.A.A.D.City says:

And yet if he took the same amount of time he does to dig up peoples
backgrounds and pics picking beefs and used that energy to create a great
album he’d still be a platinum artist…

Abby94 says:

This guy said it wrong At 00:59 it’s not lol it’s lmao

jmuriel2412 says:

The question is who has dropped n album? Prolly 5 outta the 50 people

brownchanel93 says:

Karrine stephans said diddy used to take her to gay clubs all the

soul Robin says:

lol i heard from a inside source p didiy and nas be touching each other and
50 and game used to touch each other

jfraz1992 says:

idk why 50 deleted them lol

arikeer says:

50 cent is another lost one. Even though he’s worth millions, his mind is
his name, 50cent. Can take the dude out the hood but never the hood out of
the dude. And that saying is never to be praised. Smh.

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