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Ceffy says:

As a girl, hellooo.

JacqueShit says:

I would have to agree with this

AnnaKareninanananananaBatman says:

Oh, no no. I’m a girl.

Ceffy says:


brookers says:

It’s also an insta man boner. Source: I have a guy boner.

Luminousfox says:

as an australian people always confuse my accent for a canadian one >_>

turkeysandwiches says:

I’m Australian. As far I know no one in my family committed any crime. Great grand mother may have been a prostitute though.

AnnaKareninanananananaBatman says:

Wow. People are stupid. I’d imagine Aussie and Kiwis get mixed up, but Canadians?

Bigthunderrumblefish says:


hytheter says:

As an Australian man, I wish this worked on Australian women

AnnaKareninanananananaBatman says:

But this works on American women, so what’s up?

InsanityBuildsCharacter says:

yup, I can confirm that.. had an instaboner when we had a group of aussies here for snow shoeing.. hot daaamn.

valanthos says:

I know that one part of my line actually came to Australia on the first fleet as part of the Navy. But I’m pretty sure the rest were crims.

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