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A 15 kiloton nuclear weapon detonates about 10 km from the cannon it was fired from, Nevada Test Site, May 1953


Iwillseduceyouwithmyawkwardness says:

It looks like a mushroom on the thumbnail.

ItalianStallions says:

That’s the most fucking metal jellyfish I’ve ever seen

BigDickPodrick says:

This seems like the riskiest way to detonate a nuke, we’ve all seen those clips of hilarious rocket fails

LoneDirewolf says:

Watch your tail Godzilla, we’re after you

TheHeroWeNeed says:

Can cannons even fire nuclear shells? I dont think so….

Bijuboy says:

Bombing for tests.. We are fucking killing this planet.. Fuck

shubik says:

humans fucking suck 🙁

Neominister says:

It’s the tears of Gaia herself

YouCupidStunt says:

Take it sleazy…

Stretchwings says:

yes we do, but we rock in destroying shit

MadChad says:

It wasn’t fired from the cannon, that piece of field artillery is what set off the blast.

thaxted2imgur says:

Mother Earths Pubic hair. She old.

ohfuckIhavetopickausername says:

It’s the kherpostatic influx regulator. Occasionally, during a nuclear explosion, the capacitorial elements burst and release the electrons.

Hybris51129 says:

“What vehicle should we look like?” GLA Bomb Truck

jsktrogdor says:

Nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea.

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