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A Drunk Guy Accidentally Bought Something Seemingly Ridiculous. But What He Did With It… EPIC.

What often happens when we drink too much and wake up the next morning? Besides that sick feel? Regret. But when one man had too much to drink at a charity auction one night, and could have been filled with regret at his “purchase” the next morning, what he did instead was simply amazing. I’m sooo jealous! He bought the plans for a HOBBIT HOUSE. So…he built it.

First thing that morning he set off to buy a TON of wood.

And of course to rent some equipment.

Soon, he had a giant hole in the ground.

And built the floor framing.

Walls getting put up.

And the auction “purchase” starting to come together…

Can you imagine all this hard work?

Next he had to bury a good portion of it for effect.

And begin the paint job.

It’s really coming together!

Then he began designing the outdoor decorations…

And made some amazing arrangements.

Have you figured everything out yet?

Because this “house” is built for little people.

Complete with real rooms and furniture.

And of course a working front door.

When he started with this purchased “facade” of a Hobbit House…

Who knew he’d build something so awesome!

Can you imagine having a Hobbit house in your backyard?! Seriously, I’d move in tomorrow if they’d start building one in my neighborhood. Oh well, all I can say sir is money well spent at the auction! Source: Reddit

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