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A fin whale skeleton lies beneath the water of a lake in Svalbard, Norway.


TheDevilMadeMeDoIt says:

It must have taken a lot of backbone to post this, OP.

AllHailSatan says:

I want to pretend that it’s a dead dragon lost in legend.

Espilce says:

Whale, that’s really sad, but also quite fascinating.

CreatingUsernamesGivesMeAnxiety says:

Technically it’s in the water, not beneath the water. I don’t have anything funny to say, so I’m just critiquing the caption.

whycanttheenglishlearntospeak says:

This legitimately just made me shiver…

twisster76 says:

Did you mean to take this picture or was it just a fluke?

CheesusTakeTheWheel says:

Norway: Still metal as fuck.

CarolsSpicyWiener says:

Whale of a boner.

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