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A house in my town is made of spheres


staplermofo says:


TheFuckityDoctor says:

Hehehe boobs.

tipp78 says:

I sphere there is some damage to that house…HARDY HARDY HARDY….

Imthedroidyouwerelookingfor says:

Man that’s ugly!

stepndown says:

wonder what this looks like from an airplane. does it have a long driveway between the 2?

hototogisuko says:

Well. At least he’ll never paint himself in a corner

Kuchington says:

This dude is prepared to survive the storm.

ThatOtherWolfGuy says:


britsh says:

Let me see their dinnertable.

TryToStayHumble says:


edwardelricsnipples says:

Sir, your house is balls.

CacklingCrow says:

Spherical houses are the most design sound houses but they also have have little to no resale value.

Chrisgopher says:

The owner probably doesn’t appreciate strangers hanging a-round his house.

yousmelllikeadeadcat says:

wait for it….

pleasefortheloveofgodturnoffyourtvandreadhistory says:

the house will do well against tornados and hurricanes…

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