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A tribute to my favourite animal


MadamMalice says:

With each gif my ovaries explode even more…MORE!! I NEED MORE!!!

HaveTheyGotAnyChips says:

I think I just coughed up half a lung laughing so hard

tacodepot says:

If like…. their teeth weren’t bigger than my penis I’d probably considering petting one… or seeing them w/o a cage between us.

InCaseYouNeededHelp says:

Baby tigers look like Abe Vigoda in facepaint.

runscar says:

Fifth one down is actually kind of frightening.

stanleyspadowski says:

Their routine got messed up? As a cat owner, how many times have you accidentally stepped on their tail? Imagine the reaction.

WhereWillYouBeWakingUpTomorrowMorning says:

lick lick lick lick – lost it! lol

CoconutCyclone says:

Unless, of course, you are a keeper for a legitimate zoo (not a roadside abomination), a proper rescue or a large cat vet.

CoconutCyclone says:

Unless you’re a worker in that field, no there aren’t. All the places that let you touch are bad places.

SomeObscureReference says:

This guy really loves dogs.

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