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Abandoned Ferris Wheel in Chernobyl


OhNewman says:

Not pictured: Ghosts of Russian children

supercarornot says:

call of duty

CFH4DMB says:

This is in a movie called Chernobyl diaries. It’s a picture from the movie set.

TheRepublican says:

Fermius Wheel.

WealthyBigPenis says:

“20,000 people used to live here…now it’s a ghost town.”

Rockin says:

Said no one ever.

CommunistLemonParty says:

War. War never changes.
Or does it?
The war has changed.
Did it? The answer is no.
Unless it is yes…
No, of course it is. Is war!

yodabiri says:

“Vi vse vseravno skoro sdohnite”

PSYchr says:

Wouldn’t it be cool if it was full of skeletons?

drew89 says:

Looks like a ferris wheel to hell.

annerbananers says:

So many NOPE’s about this I don’t even know where to begin.

imwonderingifmyurlwillbejudgedaswell says:

is Chernobyl just green; it always seems that way in pics or movies.

BalonGreyjoy says:

You’re welcome

candyfwarhol says:


CmdrLeet says:

Sure was

StarkTangent says:

Man, I remember that day. I was the pilot of the helo that picked you guys up.

StarkTangent says:

30 seconds

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