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Adulthood in a nutshell


legendofrob1 says:

I do this but with pizza. just kidding I still live with my parents.

kerussodude says:

I have the same thing with alcohol.

Mhodgy says:

if one cannot consume an entire cake to ones self, one is not yet ready to be an adult…

AaronMcKinney says:

Push through the pain!

cabe007 says:

Its a lie.

wartoaster says:

Coming home from tenth grade, I could eat an entire frozen pizza. Now I struggle to eat more than three pieces

SasquatchChief says:

My favorite thing to do as an adult is putting whiskey in my coffee mug and going to work and pretending I haven’t been drinking.

BlockedFir3635 says:

I do this but with Netflix. Just kidding I do it with cake and Netflix together

iliketokeepitsimplestupid says:

I live with my parents to. So I made a pizza the other day the size of an oven tray and ate all that. Mmm cheese.

donkeythesnowman says:

You have failed.

Robnaught says:

mfw that joke hits too close to home

TheHaileStorm says:

Pizza is just meat cake right? I can do that without regrets. Fuck yeah adulthood

tropicalgoat says:

It all goes to show that you can’t have your cake and eat it too

LoneDirewolf says:

Rooster Teeth gifs? Let’s go:

Flinkle says:

Did that some months back with cupcakes. “Heck yeah! Gon’ make cupcakes, gon’ eat ’em all! …my GOD one box of mix makes all this?!”

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