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An Ode To Harry Styles’ Headband

1. This is the story of Harry Styles and his headband.

2. His cotton crown.

3. A beautiful piece of cloth that cuddles with his brown hair and exposes his beautiful face.

4. The fabric surrounds his head like a pig in a blanket but lets his curls trickle over.

5. It lets him sit, happy, not worrying about his sweaty mop above.

6. Sometimes the tail of the headband falls from the knot.

7. And it tries to crawl down to reach his butt.

8. But mostly it just sits there and listens to its prince sing.

9. And it laughs when Harry is silly.

10. And then the two of them get on the bus and we miss them dearly until they are seen again.

Cliff Grassmick/DailyCamera

11. We’ll talk about the flower headband another time.


12. The End.

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