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Anyone else see Disney's animated short “Paperman?” I'm in love.


ke7osm says:

My life is basically this without the love. So, pretty much just exasperation.

bensawn says:

i liked the animation but the writing was lazy. MAGIC PLANES. cmon, you guys can do better than that. all the pieces were there, just try.

AntiDownVoteActivist says:

commenting to find later at home…

Daizydaiquiri says:

It’s so luverly

Halkenguard says:

Somebody watches FilmRiot.

misterstinkydroolface says:

No one else saw it, That’s why there have been so many gifs of it here.

rascalqueen says:

Jim Halpert!

SaraKat says:

will watch it now lol

vl33rmuis says:

it’s nominated for the oscars… that’s the reason I’ve seen it

momof2kids0306 says:

I have now 🙂

aakahasha says:

Too cute!!

llomo says:

i actually thought it was real real stupid.

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