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Apparently 17 year old me was very diligent about keeping receipts.


Butterfat says:

Half life 3 confirmed

ImSerManlyPower says:

70 buck paid for a game 14 years ago…damn was that like the GTA V from now or what?

YouLookLikeHarryPotterWithABloodyNose says:

Exactly 2 years and 2 days before 9/11. He predicted 9/11.

thehammerismypenis says:

It was on a Thursday, and as the only Adelaide I can find in the US is in North Dakota, where as of 2013 school starts before Labor Day (1)

SirSparblington says:

Australia has electricity?

shezari says:


AbusiveWankerVEVO says:

You said it man.

poopmcgert says:

If you have a job at 17 you do, or youre jewish.

mentalmarshall says:

YoAllyWeirick says:

shiit i have my swat 3 game around here somewhere

onpreme says:

No there was, we just never used to bother showing it. When they brought in the gst they started showing tax on receipts.

AmmyWhammy says:

And today I learned! 😀 thank you!

iy8n says:

Orrrr 3 20’s + 10

JTX83 says:

Holy crap, I had no idea the game was that expensive during release.

sleepyllama says:

Pffft Perth has been on Imgur a few times before…

GabrielB says:

You’re not very bright, are you?

JUL3 says:

Half Life 1? Australia? I LOVE this post! (It even comes with TF classic!) <3

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