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ASCAC 2014 preview presentation | 2014 ASCAC Conference


azumanation says:

Excellent research!

AfricaOnlineTV says:

The Stele of Yebu is a Treasure for African People – Praise Goes to the
Black Man of the Nile – Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon and to Sister Rkhty Amen
for being our communities first teacher of the Mdu Ntr. The Famine Stele
Vindicates Us and there is nothing to refute what the 3rd Dynasty King
says. This is a New Paradigm, a Game Changer and has existed in Plain Site.
Use it Black People. The Famine Stele was written at least two thousand
yearsbefore Abraham came out of Ur Chaldea – and thus was written before
the Hebrew Genesis Story, the Joseph Story and the Moses Story. A reading
of the Full text will show that the Nile Valley African already had the
first intimate relationship and conversation with God. For God revealed
himself to Neterkhet and said I am your Maker – Be Still!!!! We are
vindicated. I wish Dr, Clarke, Dr. Carruthers and Dr. Hilliard were alive –
we would be on Fire!!!!

Asar Imhotep says:

Peace! Did you actually write a paper on this subject? And if so, is it
available somewhere for review? Thanks in advance. 

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