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Asiana Flight 214, Malaysian Flight 370, and The Jewish Community Shooting? The OZ Factor Code 713


offthahook08 says:

Spudgy Pang says:

I like how you linked Freeman’s words about Trinity to Destiny’s Child.

mind9radio says:

Plane reported missing 03/08/2014
March 8th 3+8=11
Reported all lives lost 03/24/2014 which is 83 days into the year of 2014.
Malaysia Airlines:
MH370= 22
M=4 H=8 +370
Departure: LUMPUR=11
Destination Beijing=44
Passengers 227=11

As always thank you for your post, as i read the comments below you got us
all thinking again.

Azzizi-Auset Ra says:

Wow now that I think about it in the movie Avatar the spirit tree was
called eihwa or something in the movie was called that name

badley wrong says:

The search was even at latitude 37 S in the South Indian Ocean.

BlazingBigJointz says:

Yo I just started watching… the 713 number sequence is a SPINOUT to me as
I just saw the number in a coin that I saw on eBay (check the COA number):

Now back to the vid! WOAHH…

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