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Athleticism: What I think I look like…


ReallyBigRocks says:

You still landed on your feet, good job

LazyAvenger says:

Fat and flailing about. Still lands on all fours.

infiniteveritas says:

At least you still land on your feet

WellKeptSecret says:

Apparently this applies to your cropping skills as well.

awholelottanope says:

Always landing on the feet though!

summitshow says:

Crazy panther moves, Holy hell.

SiLv3rShArK92 says:

Metaphorically and sometimes realistically, I too believe I am some form of feline animal when I chase things

whoah says:

Why are humans at the top of the food chain again?

TheLoneStranger says:

All fun and games til the big cat realizes the larger hunk of meat is at the opposite end of the stick

tatimblin says:

As long as you’d film yourself, you’re all good.

WheelluvFortune says:

What a pussy.

Armature says:

White Cats Can’t Jump: Starring Woody Harrelson as Fat Cat and Wesley Snipes as Panther

DrWhoodles says:

Those cats don’t appear to be vomiting though

Hampamatta says:

i want a tamed panther homie. that i can walk down the street with. and if someone tryes to rob me. the last thing they hear is the screech.

paddythelion says:

*I want to play with a black jaguar/cougar/leopard

gatopanzon says:

yes! please

Flyndaran says:

If you can walk without tripping over your own feet, then you beat my clumsy brother-cats.

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