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Baddie Winkle Is The Most Hardcore Grandma On The Internet

She’s an inspiration to everyone.

1. Meet Baddie:

Meet Baddie :

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Twitter: @baddiewinkle

2. She offers inspiring words of wisdom to followers everywhere.

3. “forget the haters”

4. “life alert: caught the feels”

5. “trying to live a little longer”

6. “winking at all the cute boys”

7. “ya’ll need jesus”

8. “Peace and Love 🌺😏💜”

9. “Having a sunshiney day!”

10. “Having some fun in the sun”

11. “Trying to find my inner peace”

12. “praise The Lord”

13. “selfie”

15. “Sup”

16. “straight up”

17. “420”

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