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Badou Jack vs. Derek Edwards – 1st Round TKO – ShoBox


Rapid8Fire says:

Lol another Al Haymon fighter goes down

Skeet Rivers says:

Someone said Amir Khan fights the best. Hmmm. Wonder why he didn’t try to
avenge that ko that Bredis Prescott put on him! But he fights the best!

xSAVAGEx says:

Dey hate floyd Cuzz da same way da floyd fans hate manny dey also get on
der knees rite.Lol

BrotherHoodXhERU says:

Trying to figure out how ppl can suck Floyd’s dick while hating on him at
the same time!!…all they do is come to vids with Floyd attached…just to
show how much they hate him. But why come at all…you hate Floyd so much
that you just have to get on your knees because he’s just that good!!!… 

p4p5119 says:

Amir Khan 2.0

Whyavier says:

Tough shit for the so-called Money Team.

Kelvin Reid says:

Picture perfect counter right hand. #boxing

R-Boxing1108 says:

Wow The Guy Derek Edwards only had 6 Amateur Fights!!!! Against Jack’s 150
Fights!!! The guy Edwards seems to be a Natural Fighter!!!

TheWorldByCristian says:

Another reason why you can’t associate “easy money” with those TMT guys lol

timetocomeup says:

Overhand right is a serious shot, whew!

Rigondeaux says:

Lol money team? I bet they lose from all the pressure trying to be Floyd
mayweather. Everybody on the money team is garbage spoon fed fighters…


His jab came out first and then his lead leg, your lead leg and your jab
are supposed to come out at the same time so you can step back out
instead of falling into a right hand.

checkmate734 says:

Badou got smashed…Give edwards the mandatory spot or just let Degale
fight Bika straight away

MrSnuffinum says:

Badou was a hyped overrated fighter and he was exposed tonight. Glass chin 

Floyd Mayweather says:

hahahah i though Amir khan had a glass jaw but this guy, camel legs

Brougham Guevara says:

Wow they sure didnt waste no time on putting up this embarassment

PresidentCarterIII says:

Are these TMT fighters really boxers or Mayweather’s friends disguised as

dudemanbro1000 says:

I was telling my friend that Jack was the only good fighter on TMT when
this happened… Whoops. 

TzFrank says:

Im a huge floyd fun but this nigga sucks he makes the money team look bad
they need to cut his ass

unrecognizedtalentz says:


Rapid8Fire says:

Lol another Al Haymon fighter goes down

Skeet Rivers says:

I think a lot of these guys that are apart of The Money Team feel as they
don’t have to train or work as hard as the other fighters becuz their on
Floyd’s team. Not true! You may be apart of the Money Team. But your not
Floyd Mayweather! Almost every fighter I’ve seen on his team suck! Nothing
special at all! Not taking nothing away from Floyd. He’s the P4P best! Sad
I can’t say the same about his team squad!

Kelvin Reid says:

Picture perfect counter right hand. #boxing

Vonnie Davison says:

damn that nigga got knocked out by a nobody ctfuuuuuuuuuuuu

Raul Garcia says:

TMT needs sime real talent every time one of them steps up they get made a
fool. Bey ko love got a gift against Rosado now jack TMT is going nowhere
unless they get better talent. Hell even 50 cents fighters r doing better.

Rob Salido says:

Why is there commentary over commentary?

anthony ford says:

He will b back tho

SLM says:

Lol TMT so overrated

DoctorBruceBanner says:

Badou Jack thought he would beat groves, froch and degale.

All three would brutally sparked jack out.

KimboSliceHater says:

First Bey gets stopped by Molina and now Jack gets dropped. Money Team not
looking good.

mtbjekyll1 says:

Wow guys leave him alone he just wanted to plank on the canvas… geeez

Christopher Ivan says:

What happens now, in regard to James DeGale’s potential WBC eliminator
against Badou Jack?

Zookie Limer says:

Floyd’s face was funny

MrTurkishblue says:

And this bum was supposedly going to beat DeGale? Yeah right.

IamOchieng says:

TMT fighters have a better resume than Canelo because they earn their place
by fighting fighters who Can beat them. They weren’t handed their careers.

Tavaris Johnson says:

I damn sore didn’t see that one coming..

José-Ariel Cuevas says:

And they wanted to put Badou Jack in against James DeGale in a WBC 168lbs
title eliminator. DeGale would whoop Jack. I’m talking career-changing
whooping like Calzaghe laid on Jeff Lacy.

HijoDePlata says:

Mayweather Team suck, they can even brawl and his fighters have no heart to
keep on going


glass chin

chitownboyz says:

That such a lazy fucking jab from jack. You ain’t gonna make it in boxing
throwing that shitty.. 

Angel Pelaez says:

Damn!!!! Haha

BL KD says:

That counter was like JMM vs PAC 4 but JMM counter still better

oldschoolraptor says:

its a shame cause jesse vargas was actually a dope fighter that floyd had
in his stable but vargas left and he’s now irrelevant. 

Aaron Chambers says:

James degale would of never bin caught by that shot this guy aint even in
the same class az groves degale froch 

paul4mula says:

Bika vs DeGale now.. 1st round damn.. mayweathers face in background lmao

Victor Rivera says:

Keep smiling Lol

Topu Rahman says:

Lmfao not even a chin shot hahahaha..he got splattered with a shot to the
cheek hahahahaha wow

TazzyCOD says:

So what happens now does he still fight degale?

Mr. breeder from texas usa says:

Whats wrong with that Ref. he see the fighter almost falling again to the
ropes the first time and continue the fight and at the second time he looks
worst and the IDIOT still counting. Refrees should take care of the

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