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scuba535 says:

“I’ll just set my roots here”

Webslinger04 says:

Why would you build a house around such a beautiful tree?

Havensday says:

Such a unique piece of art in such an otherwise bland environment!

tjavierb says:

I don’t trust it.

Atroypos says:

It is all cool looking until you start smoking your toes on its roots

alohraface says:

Light switches look so wierd like that.. makes me want to punch babies.

loshea says:

Eat a fat bag of dicks you cockjuggling thundercunt.

hobster2 says:

its a newl post

Icantbebothered says:

Actually, it’s a Baluster. Banisters are the small supports of the handrail, and the entire contraption is called a Balustrade.

ArcaneCity says:

Banister Twist:

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