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Best Birthday ever


Keleesi says:

I think your cat disagrees.

ShamrockFury says:

“just kill me….please…”

IAmJohnStamos says:


AlliEatisBeaver says:

Just not interested whatsoever.

repairmanjack78 says:

He looks so done with your shit

weavehole says:

Hats number 2 and 3 waiting ominously on the table back there…

chanandlerbear says:

And I was not saying that people would think you are attractive (if you are indeed OP). I was saying people are about to get creepy.

Ionlyregisteredtotalkshit says:

You’re the kind of individual who shames women for their clothing blaming them for getting raped, aren’t you?

Zhouse301 says:

for future use

hardymonster says:

Thats one cute pussy.

crepevulture says:

To be fair, OP was likely taking having this photo taken for social media purposes. Furthermore, the positioning makes for an awkward crop.

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