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Boston TV station has some interesting #breaking news!/WCVB/status/419655289818722304

Yes it’s true. A 12-year old New Hampshire girl got her tongue stuck to a pole:

Maddie Gilmartin, 12, was helping her dad in Thursday’s snow storm. On a whim, she decided to touch the flag pole with her tongue and she got stuck.

In this incident, there was no “sinister triple dog dare,” just some innocent curiosity.

It took her seconds to realize it was a big mistake.

So big was this story that that WCVB, Boston’s ABC affiliate, used the hashtag “#breaking” and sent out a news alert to its subscribers’ cell phones:!/GarrettQuinn/status/419655659647664128

The station later apologized:!/WCVB/status/419854951708631041

Fortunately, the girl with the frozen tongue is doing OK:

She’ll be fine but said her lips feel like like they’ve been stung by a lot of bees. “I’m still sore, and I’m still taking Motrin and cold compresses,” Maddie Gilmartin said. The swelling in her mouth is expected to last about six weeks.

Maddie Gilmartin said she learned her lesson. “Just think before you do something.”


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