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Bronn's new outfit reminded me of something he said in season 2.


123123mail says:


WhereAreMyDragonsGodDamnThatsTheSecondTime says:

I know there’s a new Game of Thrones episode to watch after i get a spoiler on Imgur…

iamireland says:

I thought it was more about the GOLD cloak that Kingsguard wear. I mean, that would CLEARLY be his fighting uniform. This isn’t.

MaliciousCuntWithoutAReason says:

Damn right.

SihayaOfTheAllPowerfulMeh says:

I preferred this in the books where bronn was clearly more self interested and was only slightly fond of Tyrion. Sellswords = sellswords.

GreenTeaParty says:

I called him Italian Stallion Liam Neeson a month ago: -1 points. lol

thatclimbingguy says:

I couldn’t endure the tension so I googled his fate, I now know what will happen to him and the duel.

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