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Brothers With No Game | Season 2 Ep 6: The ‘Summer’ Party (Part 2)


T Latise says:

My guess is Jr. took Vanessa up on her proposal and now she is pregnant. I
miss Theo. 

MiaMor says:

the fastest 12 mins ever… GREAT WORK!

Queen J says:

I still like this show, and was upset that it went on hiatus. That’s what
Marcus gets, stop being so shallow, man! I have no idea where this will end
up about Jr and ole girl. But when you are no longer together you have no
right to be mad. Let’s face it “blondie” you left him first. Get over it
and let the man be happy with another! Sheesh!

thentherewasSHE says:

so she’s all in her feelings because she’s pregnant, right? goodness. great

BrothersWithNoGame says:

Brothers With No Game Episode 5 (Part 2) !

I May Just Say says:

Its interesting that a female can tie up and humiliate a man (false
Imprisonment) and we find it funny because it’s the context of so-called

Yet, if a man did this to a female, the feminists would have a field day.
Interesting show, but another series attempting to emasculate men.

I’m just saying…

WilGloverMusic says:

I want to be really honest, I loved BWNG. It was the 1st show I’ve ever
seen to truly capture the essence of what guys go thru when dating. I mean
that first episode/season was purely awesome. This season however, all plot
and character development has been lost! Every bit of it. Idk what changed
but some entire episodes seem pointless. There’s absolutely no hate, I just
loved to see greatness come to life, it’s disappointing when you lose it. 

Ceci M. says:

I love watching Simone’s natural hair journey lol, if I can call it that

The Esquire says:

how is she pregnant if she’s been in the states and he’s been in England
for months and when she returned he already had a new girlfriend…I
immediately thought suicide when she said she would end it all

afuaa kay says:

the wedding march was like a funeral procession lol

great content! 

Patricia Mudekunye says:

LOL at how Simone covered Marcus with that scarf like a diligent usher at a
deliverance service

KissingKeKe says:

OMG That was so good. I can’t wait to see what will happen at the wedding
and what Vanessa is going to do. Good job guys once again. ^_^

brnzetyger says:

I bet anything Vanessa is preggo.

Ahww_ItsCatherine says:

Teammmmm Remmmyyyyyyy. Vanessa Needs Too Let It Go. Like Remmy Said “Ten
Years Ten Hours But Look Were We Are Now.” Let The Past Go. & Dorian & Lisa
Needs To Go With Each other. & For Marcus Poor Birthday Boy But Hay
Lightskins Are Shallow People So Ii Don’t See The Surprise. But That Girl
Needs To Let Something 11 Years Gooooo. Man Us Girls Can Hold Grudges. Smh

Oyin x says:

Ohhh I’m sooooo psyched for the next episode, It was torture to keep
waiting, I like watching the whole season in one go, but I could’nt help
but give in

michee144 says:

Just found this tonight and watched both seasons. I cannot wait for this
finale! But please… if there is going to be a season 3,.. take most of
that make-up off Lisa’s face. She was so much prettier more natural. 

redialove says:

When is the next episode coming out? We cant wait!

deb1920 says:

I hope she doesn’t kill herself for a dude with no job. Not that he’s not
cool peoples.

Ken Kingsley says:

Vanessa is bad chick! Keep up the good entertainment. 

MzNikki Nicole says:

sooooo where’s theo?

SD4philly says:

Its aboit time
Vanessa is fine
Bur I gotta let her go
She to Amer
Life goes on

bread780 says:


E Wonder says:

It’s never enough time. Even though these 10+ minutes are good… it’s a

How did is it so close to the finale already!?

MsYBBG says:

Hmm…she’s preggers…

E jackson says:

love Remy 

yoshika alvarez says:

This series has so much MORE potential. It can just be a dragging a lot of
the time.

meur urme says:

that dress at the end, I wanna see more !

MsMystique29 says:

More Monique please!

boogiemarsh says:

hello brothers with no game have you taken this to the BBC its wicked,,,,,
man i just found this and loving it,,,,,,,,,,Subscribe hell yes,,,,,,,

Leonardo Stoppa says:


scChocl8 says:

Wait, who’s pregnant? Vanessa? When did that happen?!

blackcalderon says:

Is she pregnant?!?!?! NOoooooooooo

La La. says:

Can’t you please go back to the longer episodes? 12 minutes isn’t enough

S .Johnson says:


1joeben says:

The funeral/wedding march at the end was genius..great work. Loving
Simone’s developing character and Junior must realise that things will end
in tears if not a blood bath.
I need to see this next episode with a quickness!!

andy madjitey says:

Vanessa = Hot !!!

Izzy Fisherman says:

obviously pregnant, that’s why she said i plan to end it all, because she
plans to terminate the pregnancy.

Kashawn Harrison says:

I think im in love with Nemide May

candan duyar says:

ıts nıce but very bloody slowly comin up!!! truth to be told

Amberelyse says:

+Brother’s With No Game this is the best series ever! What is the name of
the song that is playing while everyone is dancing?

Rahel Goitom says:

“Behind the Scenes: Hair on BrothersWithNoGame” please!!!

Adrian M says:

The reason why I don’t get tied up…..chicks be crazy!! But love this
series!! Keep up the good and hard work.

fallon lucas says:

Nah Marcus parred it he called her ” amber rose ” LOL ffs the skanking in
both part 1 and 2 was hilarious though haha 

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