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Carmen Bryan Says Nas Refuses To Pay Daughter’s College Tuition


massdagod says:

shes 18 yrs old now so carmen cant sit on her ass anymore and expect child
support.. lmao! now all she can do is bitch and complain about nas not
doing shit… bitch, when u gonna get a job carmen?

Artie Art says:

How about Carmen pay for her college? And you wonder why blk men flee from
blk women.

Quill L says:

okay enough already… if he is not supporting his child then take him to
court don’t make idle threats via social media. if no one buys his music
behind these comments then he gets no money and u gets no check. yes, he
should pay child support, but college no, if he can’t afford to pay..
helping is one thing a handout is another. when ya enable ya disable. so
Carmen you pony up half and he should pony up the other half

sno0407 says:

I don’t understand why it should be an issue. He can pay it to the school
directly if he’s worried about the mother taking the money. I thought him &
his daughter had a better relationship than that since he had that song
“Daughters” on his Life is Good album.

Terique Hall says:

Don’t throw salt on my dudes name like that

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