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Cat Accidentally Turned Itself A Beautiful Shade Of Turquoise (Video)

As a feline-obsessed female, I believe that all kitties are beautiful — even the admittedly funny-looking ones (like this guy).

But the cat in the video above is extra purr-dy thanks to his unusually colored coat, which is a striking shade of teal.

When the residents of Varna, Bulgaria, first noticed the colorful cat, they feared that his dye job may have been the work of animal-abusing vandals.

However, it seems that the feline actually slept in some synthetic paint and then licked himself, spreading the color all over his body.

The town of Varna is no stranger to oddly hued animals: Apparently, the same thing happened just last year.

That cat didn’t fall ill, so most believe that the paint is non-toxic and luckily won’t harm the temporarily turquoise kitty.

So long as he’s safe, we think green suits this little guy pretty well. Check it out for yourself in the video up top.

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