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Chinese fishermen using fire to attract fish at night


fxjrulpzxi says:

how lovely!

BerenFindarato says:

This photo was almost certainly taken my a mermaid.

HeWasACapricorn says:

iiiii’m gonna getcha! iiiiii’mm gona getcha!

aselfdefeatingattitude says:

Trying to use fire against a water type?

benjamines says:

They say it’s fish, but it’s actually cat.

MajorMonkey says:

“Mine?” – Seagulls

PetrificusTotalus says:

Why would it be?!

Zpike says:

Does it work?

Phallus says:

It’s actually contributing to severe overfishing, it’s a bad idea.

SpyRevenge says:

A good example that the power of people beats tyrant government.

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