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Chris Rock about America


wladdaimpala88 says:

Rock is usually on point. But the fact that drugs are illegal is exactly
why so much money gets funneled to “brown people.” Legal drug trade would
potentially put the profits back in the hands of corporations, which of
course are virtually indistinguishable from government. For the time being
however, the influence of our nation’s prison industrial complex, and the
fact that legalization remains politically unsavory for some constituents,
means that we are still a long way from the relaxation of federally imposed
substance mandates.

DirtyTV says:

The hypocrisy of our democracy!!!


MegaGangsta4life says:

Why is weed illegal and cigarettes arent? Ive heard countless stories of
people getting lung diseases just because they were around people who
smoked. Cigarrettes should be illegal instead

steven james says:

Lol I was thinking about this when I was watching Tanning of America. All I
saw was white companies getting wealthy and a handful of niggas getting
rich while our community stays poor.

Bakari Chavanu says:

Difference between rich and wealth.

Jordy Nelson says:

“its all right, because its all white”
-chris rock

Sandy Reis says:

I hate poor and middle class white people and Jews because they participate
in a system where they get the crumbs of the rich and wealthy and keep it
from colored people. Then when they are in hard times, they blame the
colored people. 

Mickey Askins says:

You can not make up anything funnier than the truth. 

iXenonite XM says:

“Americans worship Money!”

-Quote of the day

Reed Fillinger says:

he aint wrong!!

knight2battle says:

Pope start raping white babies.. its alright coz its all white..

spunkitydoda says:

Knowledge is wealth.

robert john gleemis says:

the wealthiest ppl on earth are unknown. even bill gates or carlos slim
aint shit compared to the queen of england,the rothschild dynasty, the
rockefellers,the morgans,the schiff families,etc and there are some cats
who are still wealthier than those are and those are the ones we dont know
who they are.

ross atkinson says:

bill gates is rich because of his skill as a computer programmer/designer
and as a businessman not because of his skin colour to say anything
otherwise is in my opinion demeaning to white people who have made a lot of
money from business

PersonalityDeficit87 says:

“Give it to me, baby! Give me corduroy!”


sgissweet845 says:

“Bling Bling!””

Yafet Okbalidet says:

But it’s alright, cause it’s all white!

David Gonzalez says:

that’s some real shit right there

Viva Xemxija says:

Well I still prefer that cocaine, meth, and heroin remain illegal…would
be good if alcohol is illegal too.


why so serious!/?

gillan bowd says:

when the us voted a black president i thought…uh oh, chris rock has lost
about 60% of his shtick!



Richard G says:

One of the few black men that speaks the truth.

George Brooks says:

I know its raunchy but please listen

Isaiah Mullins says:

Mr. Rock is still right folks

Srđan Điđo Drljača says:
Bryce Whitehead says:

If you listen closely it sound like the crowd is getting offended lol.

studentofsmith says:

So by ‘stop being racist’ you mean stop trying to ‘help’ black people with
affirmative action programs and the like and just treat them normal? I
agree, that would help.

Not Crazy says:

Prison is big business in some states. They get paid per inmate. The more
people in jail, the more money they make. USA has the highest incarceration
rate per capita in the world. It is 5-10 higher than in European countries.

chaser107 says:

the spelling is not genius? lol, if you want to be a grammar nazi get some
sense. also note that most internet users are not native english speakers,
and almost everybody doesn’t give a fk. have a nice day

Peanut Power says:

anyone else noticed it says “Buy “Drugs, Donuts and Wealth”on” in the

flacidsalad says:

he repeats like ‘key sayings’ over and over again like a lecture for 4 year

Mac McRae says:

rock was funnier than this earlier in his career. too much repetition. too
little content. delivery is too stiff.

CB4SN13 says:

Ya, Daniel Tosh is the fucking worst.

j0rp0t says:

yes look it up

andres segura says:

what is kowtow??

Em Vm says:

I love this man!

doomy88kent says:

Damn right…

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