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Clarins Self Tanning Milk SPF 6, 4.2-Ounce

Clarins Self- Tanning: Clarins Self Tanning Milk SPF 6 Skin Care Design House: Clarins Type: Self – Tan Milk Size: 125 ml Gender: Female Description: Clarins Self-tanners by Clarins, 125 ml Self Tanning Milk Non-oily, easily absorbed, this self tanning gel is ideal for those who wish to maintain a tanned appearance all year round. Achieve a golden, natural-looking tan in one to two hours, with self tanning gel and promote an even, tanned result. Promotes a beautiful-looking tan. Moisturizes and revitalizes. 100% Genuine Brand Name Images are for illustrations purposes only

Product Features

  • Self Tanning Milk
  • With Sun Protection SPF6
  • Full Size 125 ml / 4.4 oz.

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Jonathan Kranzfelder says:

Intense feminine scent and very mild tanning: not for guys This lotion is not for GUY… well most guys I presume. My GF ordered this Clarins Self Tanning Milk with 6 SPF Sun Protection thinking this lotion might be the best of both world solution to try out tanning product. Well we tried it out and the scent is intense and VERY feminine. You might need a nose clip or two if you are using this stuff inside. It gave us headache and had to wash the stuff off after about 3 hours (instruction say it takes 2 hours to work). There was mild stinging burning…

C. Lafata says:

Love this! 0

Rosemary Marquart says:

very natural looking 0

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