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Colorado's mile marker at 420


DanAmbro8 says:

“420 blaze it bro!” ughhhhh i hate stoners

bakajaro says:

What’s so special about a

PaxEmpyrean says:

(2) more closely than idiots because it is a declaration of identity as a stoner, and because there are many more idiots than stoners, so

PaxEmpyrean says:

(3) stupid behavior that is associated with people who are members of both groups will generally reflect more strongly on the smaller group.

PaxEmpyrean says:

(1) While this is certainly true, I would argue that idiots are overrepresented in the stoner population, mostly the ones who started young.

zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

It’s actually 4:20 PM because that’s the time a bunch of students happen to be smoking everyday after school.

zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

When first looking at the sign I was very displeased they left off the vinculum that would still make it 420.

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