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Community Post: 20 Commercials From The ’90s That You Forgot You Loved

1. Nickelodeon Super Toy Run

Every kid’s fantasy. And mine as an adult.

2. Nickelodeon Magazine

I remember every single frame and every single line.

3. Don’t Wake Daddy

Just like when you sneak out late at night.

4. Operation

This game gives me so much anxiety.

5. Mouse Trap

That obstacle course looked so damn fun.

6. Squand

That kid most definitely grew up to be a douche.

7. Corn Pops Cereal

That kid most definitely grew up to be a meth dealer.

8. Floam

None of our sculptures ever looked as good as theirs, lbr.

9. Rugrats Talking Dolls

At 0:03 that little girl was so excited it was kind of creepy.

10. Magic Potty Baby


11. Baby Born

What’s with kids and toys that pee?!

12. Polly Pocket

Not sure why kids had so much fun playing with these miniature things.

13. Sky Dancers

OK they were fun until you got hit in the face.

14. Doodle Bear

My mom was not thrilled about her pink white t-shirts.

15. Totally Hair Barbie

Forget her hair, look at her dress! Yaaasss!!!

16. Socker Boppers

They weren’t exactly the softest things to get hit with.

17. Talkboy

That kid had pretty clever ways of using it. I’m pretty sure most of us recorded ourselves singing or something useless like that.

18. Survival Car Insurance

It was probably in her favor that he didn’t take the ride anyway.

19. Levi’s Super Low Jeans

Those talking belly buttons were pretty weird. You just couldn’t help but sing along.

20. Mentos

That woman in white definitely threw some shade.

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