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Community Post: 21 Signs That Winter Is Coming

1. Ah, September has arrived, and the kids are back to school…

The worst bit is, you have no need for a new pencil case…but man, you want one.

2. This also generally means NEW IPHONE ANNOUNCEMENT.

Whatever. You could get coloured cases for them anyway…

3. However…it also means something bigger.

4. You may have noticed an increased need for socks

That’s okay. Socks are cool.

5. Oh, and it’ll be kinda nice to crack out the scarves again

Or VERY nice, in this instance. Y’all are welcome.

6. And you’d totally forgotten about all those cool jumpers/sweaters you have!

So this is a poor example.

7. Then it gets to NIGHT-TIME, and keeping the windows open seems like CRAZY TALK

Even though 3 weeks ago it was literally impossible to sleep with them closed.

8. You finally resort to the winter PJs…

9. …and suddenly, you find you have to SNUGGLE under your blanket to keep warm

Oh, the humanity!

10. Leaving the house begins to feel like a chore


11. And dealing with all those layers is a drag

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

12. But then you’re forced to leave because the SPIDER INVASION has begun

We get it. It’s cold out. But I’d like you to leave now, Giant Spider.

13. The evenings begin to get darker

14. Followed inevitably by the mornings


15. But there’s stuff to look forward to!

Hooray for holidays!

16. Any time of year when it’s acceptable to watch Elf is a good time of year!

17. And there are so many delicious things summer is too hot for!

Like cocoa! And hot pies! And and and…everything!

18. Ok, fine. So maybe you don’t like winter.

19. It can be pretty sucky.

20. But don’t forget that jacket

Optimism is for FOOLS.


*grips sword, stares grimly into middle-distance*

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