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Community Post: 35 Bizarre Magazine Ads

1. Boy Scout uniforms

I think this picture says it all.

2. Conservative swimwear

The 80’s were full of bad ideas like this.

3. Everybody needs a detective friend

This picture has a completely different tone if it turns out the boy in the trench coat is not a detective.

4. Not approved

This is not the mansion that God has built for you, thus it is not approved.

5. Vacation in a van!

This ad was approved by Matt Foley.

6. Cats

Kitty litter and travelling are a cats main priorities in life.

7. Airlines

They just can’t get anything right.

8. Did it snow?

9. Duck Dynasty

I hope the text in those white boxes aren’t their names. Although, that would explain the solemn expressions.

10. Ghostly hospital visit

It’s hard to imagine this picture got approved by editors and was published. Really, what were they thinking?

11. Ghost boyfriend

Clearly the same editors from the previous image.

12. Excuse me, officer.

People will say anything to get out a speeding ticket.

13. Old geezers

You may be from Wisconsin but cheese is not the answer for everything.

14. Knitting is uncool

No offence to people who knit, those handmade scarves ROCK!

15. Hey, ladies.

I take back everything I said about knitting. Knitting a mustache is downright awesome!

16. Bromance

One of the greatest bromances of all time.

17. Protect your carpets

You could also just have hardwood floors if you’re so accident prone.

18. Sectaurs

It’s obvious what this ad is for, but who is their target audience??

19. Shark Week

She’s a big fin of shark week.

20. A carpeted bathroom

This is a pretty decent ad if you have young children, I guess.

21. Dog boyfriend

At least she has someone special in her life.

22. Must keep smiling.

Maybe this is really how Jim Henson got his start?

23. Matching shirts

Things are just getting too serious.

24. What would Lincoln do today?

Can’t say the article was very good but the headline caught my attention.

25. No friends?

I’d want to be friends with this guy, he’s resourceful!

26. Dolls

I can’t wait.

27. Stealing the spotlight

Get out of here, dweeb.

28. Running away

I almost want to buy whatever they’re selling just so they don’t have to participate in more photoshoots like this one.

29. Original Playboy Bunny

Business was slow in the beginning and the bunnies had to get other jobs just to make ends meet.

30. Dad Jeans

One day the world will catch on.

31. I’m hating every minute of this.

I would be too if I had to wear that sweater.

32. Teach out and touch someone

I surely hope she isn’t making personal calls on company time.

33. Ol’ one eye

It’s a sad, sad life.

34. Dolls

Can dolls just be not creepy for like one minute?

35. The biggest ‘WTF?’ of them all.

Finally, a sinus mask for serial killers.

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