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Community Post: 35 Reasons “The Onion” Won 2013

[Be advised: This article contains potentially offensive content.]

1. 2013 was a tough year, but The Onion remained dedicated to bringing us hard news. Be it foreign…

Read here.

2. Domestic…

Read here.

3. Or avian…

Read here.

4. The Onion always reported the facts.

Read more.

5. Or at least versions of the facts.

Read here.

6. No matter how uncomfortable it made us.

Read here.

7. They broke tech news.

Read it here.

8. And Biden news.

Read all their Joseph coverage here.

9. And exposed Washington’s most heated drama.

(LOL, heated—GET IT?!) Read more.

10. They conducted important polls on their Facebook page.

11. And brought us the Good…

Read here.

12. The Bad…

Read here.

13. And the Adorable.

Read here.

14. They showed their range, becoming the go-to publication for fashion news.

See the rest here.

15. They emerged as a top source for coverage of Taylor Swift’s sex life.

Sources reported Swift was “inseparable from his charred remains.”

16. Their Royal Baby coverage rivaled the BBC’s.

17. They laughed in the face of “too soon.”

Read more.

18. And published editorials combining politics, dogs, and puns.

If you read one Onion article in its entirety, make it this one.

19. They conducted exclusive interviews.

Read here.

21. And featured riveting local news coverage.

Read here.

22. No story was too small.

Read here.

23. Or too socially repulsive.

Read here.

24. They brought us exclusive previews of our favorite shows.

Read here.

25. And gave this duck a byline.

Read the rest here.

26. They told us how things are.

Read here.

27. And how they should be.

Read here.

28. Yes, how they should be.

Read here, then hire a Comm major here (I have no shame).

29. They published this stunning manifesto.

Read here, then cry yourself to sleep.

30. And took a stand against Eric Bana.

Finally, someone speaks out.


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