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Conversation With: Norman Lear (Full Session)

Norman Lear
The Jeffersons, All in The Family, The Princess Bride


Steve Levitan
Modern Family, The Wonder Years, Wings; Principal, Levitan/Lloyd Productions

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The PGA has over 6,500 members who work together to protect and improve their careers, the industry and community by facilitating members health benefits, encouraging enforcement of workplace labor laws, the creation of fair and impartial standards for the awarding of producing credits, as well as other education and advocacy efforts.

The Producing Team consists of all those whose interdependency and support of each other are necessary for the creation of motion pictures and television programs.

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R Green says:

Norman is just an ole troll, a wanna be, but his tv shows were really just desperate attempts of mediocracy. But propped up by "the only game in town", (tv networks), his crap was forced feed to Americans. His shows would not last in today's world where there is actually competition. Thank God he'll die soon and hopefully he slips and falls on the crap dribbling from his ass. Also while choking on on Hilary's shit stain pant suit. Norman, you are a wrinkly "has been"…however, old money…said you never were anything to begin with. Your stuff is such a bore and so poorly written.

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