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couldn't find these on pillreports….did i just get ripped off?


Jericobot says:

If you got ripped off you should use that button to get it together

mttbry says:

Try swallowing it, see what happens!

fragtore says:

For the lazy people: “Ecstasy Test result Database”

SaintSchwerin says:

It’s Darwin’s drug pill. Try swallowing it, you may get a prize

TopangaLawrence says:

This was fastenating.

rectumralph says:

The red pill will let you escape the matrix, the blue pill will return you to the matrix. The white pill just fell off your sweater.

CiriusTrio says:

Not my gum drop button!!

MurrayKy says:

Take it and you’ll age in reverse… anybody? I’m trying so hard to think of funny things… leaving now. Not really though.

jengaj3n says:

I’m button you weren’t expecting that!

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