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Crafts and Skills of the Native Americans: Tipis, Canoes, Jewelry, Moccasins, and More

Crafts and Skills of Native Americans is a fascinating, practical guide to the skills that have made Native American famous worldwide as artisans and craftsmen. Readers can replicate traditional Native American living by trying a hand at brain tanning, identifying animal tracks, or constructing a horse saddle. Readers can even make distinctive Native American beaded jewelry, a variety of moccasins, headdresses, and gourd rattles. Native American style is unique and popular, especially among young people, historians, and those with a special interest in the American West.

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Deb Brew says:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It wasn’t knock-your-socks off awesome, and it wasn’t totally a waste. Purchased it for $0.99 as a Kindle book, so I was pretty satisfied. It has a pretty rough and ready, basic decription of multiple topics. I skipped the chapters on beading and stuff like that ’cause I’m just not interested in that. It did have a small section on making bows, among other weapons, which I was interested in. I also was interested in reading the section on making shelters, not only the stereotypical ‘tipi’…

1 NME says:

Even at the price it was disappointing.

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