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Dan Harmon's employment history


A5QVa3 says:

My interpretation of the phrase “worth the risk” changed when I noticed the “Middle East” bit.

KendrickLlama says:

BBC – jolly good station to work with

cathee says:

PSA: Dan Harmon is the creator of Community.

nmpc says:

I didn’t put anyone in any place, i just informed who Dan Harmon is, even though i recognize his comment had a bit of mockery in it.

unecanadienneauxetatsunis says:

True, but apparently he’s also kind of a dick.

punkrawk97 says:

Ah. Thanks.

fingpow says:

close, dylan….

cgvega says:

lemme show y’all something. just before youtube there was channel 101. he made a show with jack black.

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