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Day 11: They still do not suspect I am not an NPC


jayhawk1013 says:

How very Japanese, looking the other way.

Taterdude says:

Thank you Hulk, I really hate Deadpool, and Loki for that matter so you’ve gave two great moments now.

Protolisk says:

I feel bad for you, Taterdude. I agree. It’s as if there is more than just Hiddleston’s Loki! (Deadpool deserves a pounding every so often.)

fineillstoplurking says:

Why would I waste my lvl 100 starters time on small fries like these? It even my lvl100 rattata’s for that matter.

ringox says:

aaaaaaaand downvote

TaelTanaka says:

Boom! 1901st up vote! Greatest day of my life holy shit I need to go outside…

mynameisfez says:’am*

mrdickguy says:

Stared at this for a bit too long

Iittleshit says:

Ah my mistake, that was someone else

TheKingOfConquerors says:

Unfortunately for you they come from reddit, so there is no stopping them.

serlium says:


1999eclipse says:

oh I know. but it makes me feel better to complain.

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