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Denver Police Warn Parents Halloween Candy Could Contain Weed


Denver police have released a video warning parents that the candy their kids get this Halloween may contain marijuana.

The video features Patrick Johnson, owner of Urban Dispensary, discussing how easy it is to mistake marijuana edibles for harmless sweets.

He mentions that some classic candies are simply coated with hash oil, which is virtually undetectable by sight once it dries.

In the case of unfamiliar-looking brands of candy, Johnson warns, the best thing to do is to throw them out.

But while the video may have only been made for educational purposes, the Ladybud marijuana blog claims it also perpetuates an unjustified fear of marijuana users.

The post reads,

This is just another way for those who benefit most from marijuana prohibition to try to convince the public that prohibition protects children.

The real message here is that the average citizen should be wary of cannabis users; they might want to drug your kids and get them ‘hooked’ too.

It’s not difficult to imagine children unknowingly taking edibles from their parents, but Denver has yet to report strangers handing out marijuana edibles to kids.

via Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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